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This year we are using a 2-cycle review process to encourage early submissions and iterative improvement of proposals.  Proposals will be submitted directly to individual themes. Core team of the respsective theme and its reviewers will work with the submitter to improve the proposal to make it world-class standards. In case the team finds the proposal is not best suited their theme, they will work with other theme members to find best home for your proposal. 

As in prior years, registered user of the submission system will be able to browse your proposals and post comments. Submitters may also post comments on reviews or public comments of their own proposals to provide clarifications, explain revisions and respond to questions. Note that public comments and reviews are different. Comments by public users are information that can be utilized by both the submitter and the review team. Ultimately the decision to accept a session resides with the core theme team, the theme chair, and the program chairs. 

Your proposal will stnad the best chance to be picked up if its fully flushed, ready-to-go proposals. So the more info your provide us, like links to 

  • all the previous conference presentations you've done
  • your slides (if not this presentation, some other presentation, so we can see the quality of your content) 
  • videos of your presentations (if not this presentation, some other presentation, so we can see your presentation skills)
  • your blogs or articles
  • and so on...

the better chance your proposal stands.

Make sure you've carefully read and noted the important milestones and their due dates.

Here is a diagram of how the 2-cycle review process will work for Early Bird (EB) and Just-In-Time (JIT) submissions:


Learn from Experts

Thanks to Martin Fowler, Dave Thomas, Ash Mauyra, Todd Little, Ryan Martens, Dean Leffingwell, Jez Humble, Arlo Belshee, Corey Haines, Lyssa Adkins, Michael Norton, Pramod Sadalage, Michael Spayd and many other Agile/Lean/Patterns Thought Leaders for making Agile India 2014 a great success!

This Conference offered:

25th Feb - 1st March: 9 Paid Workshops

26th Feb (Wed): Scaling Agile Adoption

27th Feb (Thur): Offshore/Distributed Agile

28th Feb (Fri): Agile Lifecycle

1st Mar (Sat): Beyond Agile

Choose from 3 Parallel Tracks, Workshop or 1:1 Coaching

Lightning Talks

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1236 Attendees from 28 different countries, belonging to 226 different companies and playing 342 different roles. Get the complete Agile India 2014 Delegate Profile.

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